1961 . usa

Dan Miller has been working in the Creative Growth Art Center in Oakland from 1988. By participating in this workshop for artists with disabilities - he suffers from autism and heavy impairment in communication - Dan Miller has gradually learned to express his perceptions and sensations. In his drawings he superimposes words, letters or numbers with other words and numbers. Sometimes he accumulates the strata of graphic elements until the center of the surface becomes completely black. He transforms thus the elements of language into something that belongs only to him. The words he writes are the names of the people he knows, the places he has visited, the activities he has been engaged in or everyday objects. His work is a meticulous record of his life. Nevertheless, the superimposed strata of colour and black ink obliterate the autobiographical signification, which becomes hidden, "sunk" into the page.

Miller’s works are part of the permanent collection of the New York Museum of Modern Art.